About the Workshop

Sare sketching sSquared is a collaboration between two Sarahs – Sarah Christensen and Sarah Cummings. It gets a little confusing so do what we do, and call Sarah Christensen by her nickname – Sare.

Sare has honed her creativity and drawing skills through her career in the graphic arts industry and many years spent doodling away in her down time.

Sarah has a passion for celebration and ceremony. Through her work as a civil marriage celebrant she helps couples and families create unique ceremonies to mark important occasions in life like births, marriages and lifetime commitments.

sSquared came about when Sarah and Sare were talking about how boring the usual wedding guest books were. If you’re lucky most guests will write their names, the odd person will write some ‘clever’ remark (usually late in the evening) and then the whole thing gets put away in a cupboard never to be seen again. Why couldn’t the guestbook be as unique and gorgeous as the ceremony itself?

Looking around it seemed that the only alternative options were mass-produced with little attention paid to the materials used. We wanted to create something that would last; something that you would be proud to display in your home; something that would trigger stories to your grandchildren about your wedding day; a piece of art that would last a lifetime and beyond.

And so sSquared was born and the first fingerprint guestbook was created. From there the only limit was imagination. Our first creation was a gorgeous handpainted fingerprint tree, complete with carvings of the bride and groom’s name. Since then we’ve welcomed to our Workshop Pickles the Hippo, Giggles the Giraffe and Snuggles the Bear who all love helping to welcome new bubs. We carefully research and test all of our materials to ensure that your unique, truly Australian piece will last the test of time. Want to find out more about the materials we use and how we test them? Click here.

We’re only just beginning our creative exploits so come back soon to see more of our work. If you’d like to know more about what we do, get in touch.